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How To Find Enjoyable Family Safaris In Tanzania

If you’re looking for a place which offers a magical African safari experience while still remaining in close access to civilization, Tanzania is most definitely worth considering.  Its largest city, Dar es Salaam is not only well-appointed in its choice of hotels and attractions (including unique music and more) it’s also located adjacent to many areas of intense natural beauty which are just asking to be explored.  This includes magnificently attractive beaches as well as grandly imposing mountains and all types of exotic wildlife.  Truly, it is a land of wonder and one of those places that can offer a very unique experience that sticks with you long after you’ve left.

Of course finding a suitable family safari provider is of particular importance.  Any time one plans on taking their entire family (which might include small children) to a completely foreign territory there are many considerations to bear in mind, obviously.  This is why it is recommended that you seek out an experienced travel agent, preferably one with contacts in the region and even better still, has previously traveled to the region you’re interested in visiting personally.  This will allow you to avoid making any potential mistakes or getting into trouble as well as keeping everyone safe.

With a variety of companies offering personalized safaris in Tanzania, it’s probably worth spending a little time finding the best deals and researching.

While each of the four above choices offers excellent features, service and prices, the packages offered by National Geographic and REI are standout choices.  Specifically, the NG package has been tailored for family groups and takes a number of factors into consideration which many other providers may not have.  Also, we’re talking about a very well known organization which has a certain level of international recognition here, not to mention their experience with nature tours and very knowledgeable staff that will definitely be able to answer any and all questions you might have.  If you elect to go with National Geographic, prepare to be treated to a well-paced 11 day safari which will cover a large amount of territory spread out across a diverse set of regions including lakes, craters and national parks.

Similarly, REI promises a very attractive 9 day family adventure experience which is very wildlife-centric to say the least.  If you want to delve into nature and see Africa’s most stunning animals in their natural habitats this is definitely a package/company worth checking out.  Moreover, there’s even a handy checklist available via their site which details exactly what you’ll need to pack as well as an entire breakdown of the contents of the itinerary (including prices).  Additionally, if you’re an REI member you can knock off over $1000 dollars from the total cost of the tour (per person), which is preferable to say the least.

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